Remembering Composer James Horner

Last June, the world lost one of its most unique and talented film composers… James Horner. James had an uncanny ability to understand and interpret each film through music, and his scores continue to resonate with soundtrack enthusiasts as

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Burglars break into “Brady Bunch” house

Los Angeles police are investigating a break-in at the house that was on the iconic TV show, reports CBS Los Angeles. Police responded to a burglary report at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. They determined

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TRENDING: Hollywood Headlines 08/11/16

Will ‘Big Bang Theory’ Continue Past Season 10? Entering its 10th season this fall, the show’s cast, network (CBS) and producer (Warner Bros. Television) all want to come back for more, CBS Entertainment chief

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Marina Sirtis & Sam Hamm

Marina Sirtis gained worldwide acclaim as the sexy and cerebral “Deanna Troi” in the successful “Star Trek: The Next Generation” TV series and four Paramount feature films. Marina’s dramatic range has also earned her

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