2 Player Co-Op Gaming “NES Classic Edition” Review & Unboxing

By 2 Player Co-Op

NES Classic Edition Over the last two days, the video game world has seen the release of two consoles at complete opposite ends of the spectrum in the PS4 Pro and the NES Classic Edition. It should speak volumes about how the public feels about each of these when lines formed across the country for the retro throwback to the NES that was originally released 30 years ago, and not so much for the slightly upgraded PS4.

If you don’t already have the NES Classic as you are reading this, good luck finding one. The system is sold out everywhere, and after spending some time with the system, we can say it’s completely worth it.

As you can see in our unboxing video, for only $60 you get the system, one controller, an HDMI cable, power supply, and 30 games. They range from some of the best ever released, to obscure titles you may have never even heard of. This is where the true value of the system comes in. By now, we have all played the Marios and Zeldas of the world, but how many of us have dumped hours into Balloon Fight or Ice Climber? The NES Classic brings that very opportunity to the masses.

Is the system perfect? No. An all-too-short controller cable, and the inability to add games in the future keep it from being perfect. However, the sheer nostalgia, along with the with ease of use, combine to make this the must-have item this holiday season. Whether you grew up on the NES, or you want to experience these games for the first time, the NES Classic Edition is worth every penny.

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