5 Classic TV Shows To Watch If 2016 Has You Stressed Out

By Patrick Phillips

Without a¬†doubt, 2016 has been one of the most stressful years I’ve ever experienced. The death of several beloved celebrities throughout the year and a deeply divisive and sour election have made it outright unbearable!

So instead of drinking heavily or popping a pill, instead, I’ve found myself turning to classic television.

Here are 5 classic TV shows that have calmed my nerves, and where you can watch them:

  1. Green Acres: (HULU) – The show never takes itself seriously and 1965 never looked so inviting! Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor fit their roles perfectly and at only 20 minutes per episode, (and that damn catchy theme song) this was a quick fix with stress control!
  2. The Twilight Zone (HULU & Netflix) – Rod Serling’s classic anthology is the perfect escape from reality into fantasy. I found it particularly fun to spot popular actors who got their start right there in the 5th dimension.
  3. Murder, She Wrote (Netflix) – Great way to focus on something other than the news… Angela Lansbury’s facial expressions are as priceless as her crime-solving skills!
  4. The Brady Bunch (HULU & Netflix) – Wouldn’t it be fun if we could just blame Jan for 2016? Nothing is more comforting than seeing this TV family deal with ‘real’ problems like Greg smoking, Jan fitting in, Cindy being a tattletail¬†or the absolute perfection of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
  5. Lost In Space (HULU) – And finally, if 2016 has you feeling a bit ‘lost’, join the Robinson family on their epic space journey alongside their know-it-all robot and Dr. Smith! Danger Will Robinson! You may actually enjoy the 40 minute per episode escape!

I hope these help a bit, and would love to hear some of your classic TV suggestions in the comments below!


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