‘Batman’ Star Burt Ward Remembers The Classic Series, Adam West, And Discusses His New Role As A Canine Crusader

Burt Ward who starred as ‘Robin’ on the classic TV series “Batman”, joins Patrick this week!

Ward, is stepping back into his iconic role this fall in the sequel to “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders” and can be seen every Saturday evening on METV. He is also teaching dog owners how to double the life of dogs through his non-profit organization.

Burt and his wife Tracy for the past 23 years has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs at their “Gentle Giants Rescue“. Gentle Giants Rescue is the world’s largest big dog rescue, and many stars such as Ellen, and others adopt their dogs from Burt as do consumers. All of the sales of Gentle giant’s dog food goes to the rescue and Burt and his wife take no salary and make no money from the sales of dog food or from the rescue.

Finally a star that cares and has a heart to save dogs of all sizes. 100% of profits go to rescuing more dogs, Burt has gone from caped crusader to canine crusader!

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