CBS Shuts Down ‘Star Trek’ Fan Project! Exclusive interview with ‘Stage 9’ creator Rob Bryan

Star Trek Fan creators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts all across the world, are under attack — No, not by the Klingons or Romulans, but by the aggressive legal team over at CBS.

Two weeks ago, developers of Stage 9, a popular, not-for-profit, fan-made interactive simulation of the Starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation received a cease and desist notification requesting that they shut down the project, and remove any and all related materials.

The Stage 9 team immediately complied and reached out to CBS to see if they could work something out, even attempting to acquire an official license in order to continue, but after various attempts, they were given a firm NO.

Now the famous ship, beautifully rendered in 4k inside and out, has once again crashed, and this time without Commander Deanna Troi at the helm…

WATCH: Exclusive interview with Stage 9’s creator Rob Bryan 

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