Colbert’s New ‘Late Show’ Is Heavy On Fluff And Light On Substance

Review by Patrick Phillips

Stephen Colbert - Late Show Desk
Candidly awkward host Stephen Colbert debuted an all new ‘Late Show’ Tuesday after months of anticipation, with a lot of firsts.

There’s no doubt Colbert was the first host in late-night history to cram a bag of Oreos into his mouth on national television, or debut an entire segment dedicated to hummus.

The set (my favorite part) is a true work of art gleaming with warm shades of burgundy and blue. I could almost smell the ‘new set scent’ through the television, even the ceiling is beautiful, (projection) and its coolest feature? It’s full of memorabilia like Captain America’s shield, and a banner Colbert’s mother had kept from the 1963 Civil Rights March On Washington, among books, lighted letters and other oddities.

Late Show Memorabilia - SetGeorge Clooney and Jeb Bush were among the first to sit in the new plush 
guest chairs, and in typical (recent) late-night fashion, we learned nothing new about the celebrity guest, as no actual ‘interview’ happened, instead Clooney’s time was spent at a poor attempt at a viral (next-morning) social media clip, the whole segment seemed disjointed and odd, at one point Colbert even joked “I don’t know you.”

Colbert then welcomed Jeb Bush, and was noticeably much more in his element, having hosted “The Colbert Report” for nearly ten years.

Stephen Colbert - Jimmy FallonPerhaps the biggest guest (and surprise) of the evening was that of Jimmy Fallon himself, who was beamed onto a large video screen where the new host boasted he could ‘watch television’ when a guest gets boring… Perhaps he should have used it when Jeb came on stage?

I laughed out loud as the camera panned the audience full of millennials, the network purposely trying to eliminate any nod to Letterman’s aging audience…

Sadly, this was no re-invention of late-night television… But at least his first name isn’t “Jimmy” or “James”.

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