‘Stephen King’ Author Scott Von Doviak & ‘Broken Age’ Composer Peter McConnell

Author Scott Von Doviak joins me to chat about horror writer Stephen King… Composer Peter McConnell is also here to discuss his scores to recent video games Broken Age, and Sly Cooper!

Stephen King Films FAQ is the most comprehensive overview of this body of work to date, encompassing well-known hits as well as forgotten obscurities, critical darlings and reviled flops, films that influenced King as well as those that have followed in his footsteps, upcoming and unmade projects, and selected works in other media (including comic books, radio dramas, and the infamous Carrie musical).

Author Scott Von Doviak provides background information, analysis, and trivia regarding the various films and television productions, including “Bloodlines” sections on related works and “Deep Cuts” sections collecting additional odd facts and ephemera. All you ever wanted to know about the king of horror onscreen can be found here.  GET THE BOOK TODAY!

Charles Krimstock, inventor of The World’s First Wearable Communicator With Voice Command “Speak, Listen, and Access Your Smartphone Handsfree” also joins me!

Peter McConnell has composed award-winning scores in the Interactive Entertainment Industry for nearly two decades. His credits include Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Broken Age, the Sly Cooper Series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, The Sims, Indiana Jones, Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. Peter is fluent in classic film-scoring styles ranging from the whimsical to the epic. His influences include Bernard Herrmann, Raymond Scott, Carl Stalling, Duke Ellington, Lalo Schifrin, and Danny Elfman.

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