‘Olympic Silver Medalist’ Hilary Knight & ‘QVC’ Producer Jim Breslin

Hilary Knight is a professional hockey player, Olympic Silver Medalist, MVP of the Canadian Women’s Professional hockey league, four-time World Champion and three-time All American in the sport of women’s hockey.

Hilary grew up in a skiing household with parents who never had ice skated. She was on skis at the age of two and skiing ran in her family. Her cousin Chip Knight was a 3 time Olympic Skier. Her mom, Cynthia, got the idea of Hilary playing hockey from her paddle tennis partner, whose husband suggested it and helped teach them how to skate.

When Hilary was five-years-old her family made the move from California to Chicago, where she truly started playing the sport. Hilary has three younger brothers who all play hockey and have helped her in perfecting her skills. “I always wanted to be better than my younger brothers,” Knight said. She and her brothers later taught their parents how to skate when Hilary was in high school, and her mom quickly took to the sport. She even joined a women’s league.

When it came time to choose a college, Knight had her pick – nearly everyone was recruiting her. Her parents wanted her to attend an Ivy League school, but suggested she visit Wisconsin. After visiting Wisconsin Hilary decided that if she was going to play in college, she wanted to play for a great coach on a great team, where she could learn and prepare to make the 2010 US Olympic team. Hilary appeared in a NCAA National Championship Final in all 4 of her years as a Badger.

As a sophomore, Hilary led the Nation with 45 goals and went on to win a National Championship with the Badgers. In her senior season, Hilary captained the Badgers to the National Championship Game, the WCHA title and set multiple new records in Women’s Hockey. Hilary set the all time record for goals scored surpassing her coach’s previous record which has stood for 30+ years.

In her junior season (2010-2011) the Badgers won the NCAA championship and Hilary was named co MVP of the Championship. In her sophomore season (2008-09), Knight and Wisconsin captured the NCAA title as well, one year after losing in the final game. She led the NCAA last season with 45 goals, 43 assists, 83 points and 16 power-play goals in 39 games. In 2010, Hilary Knight made her Olympic debut at age 20 in Vancouver as the youngest member of the US team where the team went on to take a Silver Medal.

Jim Breslin is a writer, storyteller and a former television producer who spent seventeen years with QVC, the world’s largest home shopping network.

Jim’s latest project is Shoplandia, a novel which gives a glimpse into the mayhem in the live television studios of the fictional home shopping network known as Shoplandia. Working in a live television studio can be a crazy experience, and when you add in reality TV stars, self-help gurus, and A-Team actors, it becomes a three-ring circus. This is a novel told through stories, with perspectives from production assistants, show hosts, producers and a Marketing VP, that captures the spirit of the studio and shows the bonds that form under pressure in the workplace. Shoplandia launched in May, 2004.

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