‘Lucille Ball’ Author James Sheridan, ‘Forever Fest’ Founders Sarah Pitre & Brandy Fons

James Sheridan, co-author of Lucille Ball FAQ (with Barry Monush), joins me to discuss all things Lucy! About the Book Although countless books and articles have been written about Lucille Ball, most people know only the surface details of her personal life and some basic facts about her popular television series.

Lucille Ball FAQ takes us beyond the “Lucy” character to give readers information that might not be common knowledge about one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. It can be read straight through, but the FAQ format also invites readers to pick it up and dig in at any point.

James Sheridan is a graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center where he majored in Communications and Media Studies. A lifelong Lucy fan, he could name every episode of I Love Lucy in order at the age of seven.

Forever Fest co-founders Sarah Pitre & Brandy Fons join me to talk about the Festival! These days, film festivals are a dime a dozen. Whether you’re a fan of horror or indie, international or local, there’s a film festival for you. With one major exception.

If you’re a lady who loves DIRTY DANCING, or a woman who’s seen SIXTEEN CANDLES a thousand times, or a guy who can’t stop quoting CLUELESS, you’re still in search of a festival that meets your movie-loving needs. Forever Fest captures the giddy excitement of discovering your favorite movie with your best friends beside you.

It’s a reminder of your crush on that unbelievably hunky actor, because no matter how much time has passed, you’re still totally in love with him. It’s an opportunity to quote the best lines of your most cherished films along with an audience who also spent their adolescence memorizing them. Forever Fest is a chance to party like it’s Prom Night, and this time, we’ll all be crowned queen. The Alamo Drafthouse presents FOREVER FEST 2014!

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