‘Friday The 13th’ “Jason” Kane Hodder & ‘Crime Drama’ Author Leonard Pierce

Just in time for Halloween, actor/stuntman Kane Hodder (“Jason”) joins Patrick to discuss the iconic role, his book and more!

Pop Culture expert & author Leonard Pierce stops by to chat about HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’ and its effect on today’s crime dramas like “Gotham” and “House of Cards”.

Kane Hodder.  To fans, this name is synonymous with horror, an icon on the level of Bela Legosi, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. Kane has appeared as a stunt man and actor in more than two hundred television shows and movies in a career spanning over thirty years. His role as Jason Voorhees in four consecutive films of the Friday the 13th series came to define the character feared by millions of fans the world over. The man behind the hockey mask would seal his fate as horror royalty years later by starring as the monster Victor Crowley in the Hatchet series.


If You Like The Sopranos…“ The best-loved crime family in America is just part of a grand tradition of mob movies, gangster flicks, great television dramas, and a sensibility that is part Sicily and part New Jersey. If You Like the Sopranos… is the first book that starts with Tony and the gang in their humble homes in the Garden State and explores the astonishing amount of great films, TV shows, and other pop-culture wonders that any fan of the Sopranos will love.

From The Godfather and Bonnie and Clyde to The Wire , to lesser-known noirs, Jimmy Cagney classics, contemporary HBO dramas, Martin Scorsese’s best work, and even the rock’n’roll that inspired the classic Sopranos soundtrack, this is the one book that every fan needs if he or she ever has to go on the lam. If you’re a newbie…

Check out Leonard’s list of five classic-era gangster movies:

1.  Underworld (1927, directed by Josef von Sternberg, starring George Bancroft)

2.  Little Caesar (1931, directed by Mervyn LeRoy, starring Edward G. Robinson)

3.  The Public Enemy (1931, directed by William Wellman, starring James Cagney)

4.  Scarface (1932, directed by Howard Hawks, starring Paul Muni)

5.  I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932, directed by Mervyn LeRoy, starring Paul Muni)

Interesting Fact: Raoul Walsh, directed one of the first gangster movies ever (Regeneration, in 1915), one of the last gangster movies of the classic era (The Roaring Twenties, in 1939), and one of the last old-school gangster pictures made during the noir era (White Heat, in 1949).

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