‘An Actor Succeeds’ Author Boze Hadleigh & ‘Webster Webfoot’ Actor Jimmy Weldon

Boze Hadleigh has authored nearly 20 books, including Hollywood Babble On and Mexico’s Most Wanted. Hadleigh has also written for over one hundred magazines, including TV Guide, Playboy, and US Weekly.

Boze’s new book ‘An Actor Succeeds’ is a very special collection containing all the best trade secrets of the biggest and most successful film and theater professionals. Presented in an informative format, An Actor Succeeds is a useful yet entertaining how-to, tips-and-advice book comprising nearly 900 quotes mostly from actors but also directors, writers, casting directors, and more. The book is conveniently divided into five chapters: Acting, Auditioning, Connecting, Working, and Coping.


Several of his other books have been made into television specials and documentaries in the United States and United Kingdom.


“Uncle” Jimmy Weldon is the former host of “The Webster Webfoot Show” at KJEO-47 in Fresno, California during the 1960s (KJEO is now KGPE-47). Webster Webfoot was a squat duck (ventriloquist’s dummy), who was the eternal Webelo Cub Scout, including hat, scarf and Boy Scout emblem choker. Later produced children’s Christian programs using Webster Webfoot. Has full recording studio in his home.

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