‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Ed Alonzo & ‘Terminator Genisys’ Lorne Balfe

Ed Alonzo, with his wonderful Groucho Marx eyebrows, Harold Lloyd Glasses, topped by his signature explosive hairstyle, is easily recognized as one of the country’s foremost comedy magicians.

Don’t be deceived by his retro-style costuming, because for Ed, the tux and the magic is simply a vehicle for his intelligent and sidesplitting comedy. Perched on the precipice of international fame, Ed Alonzo already has a phenomenal track record! Not only Command Performances in London, multiyear headline contracts in Ls Vegas, and countless US and International Television appearances, but Ed also has a wealth of experience in the art of funny. From comedian, to actor, to Vaudevillian Entertainer, Ed Alonzo’s performances grab the audience’s funny bones and tickle relentlessly, leaving crowds rolling in the aisles gasping for air.

While most magicians use a dramatic flair to build to a crescendo, Ed raises his audience’s anticipation with laughter. Check out Ed’s Website for More Info! More on “Master’s of Illusion” Premiering July 10th on CW


Lorne Balfe is a Grammy Award winning, Emmy and BAFTA nominated film composer from Inverness, Scotland.

Lorne is known for composing the scores to the Dreamworks Animation’s Penguins of Madagascar and Home. Lorne composed the score for Manny, a documentary about the life of Manny Pacquiao, eight-division world champion and ten-time world title winning boxer, which premiered at SXSW.

Lorne composed the score for Dreamworks Animation’s Penguins of Madagascar, which was released worldwide in the Fall of 2014, and most recently completed the score for Dreamworks Animation’s Home starring Rihanna, Jim Parsons and Steve Martin which released March 2015.

Lorne is currently working on the score for Terminator Genisys, due in theaters Summer 2015. Check out Lorne’s Website For More Info!

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