‘The Munsters’ Star Butch Patrick

Patrick chats with Butch Patrick, who starred as Eddie Munster on “The Munsters”!

For two seasons on “The Munsters”, Butch Patrick portrayed pointed eared, wolf-boy Eddie Munster. He was a regular on ‘The Real McCoys’, ‘General Hospital’ and ‘My Three Sons’ — often appearing in commercials and guest starring on sitcom’s throughout the sixties.

“The Munsters” still remains popular today with annual Halloween celebrations, merchandise, collectibles, model kits of that very famous house, and the website munsters.com — dedicated to the classic series.

The concept of Scare It Forward comes from the visionary minds of Butch Patrick and his colleagues. Perhaps best known for his role as Eddie Munster on the 60’s hit television series “The Munsters,” Patrick has graced America’s television screens generation after generation.

Scare It Forward  is a collaborative project that aims to put newly made horror films back into the public domain for all to use.

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