‘Sinbad’ Actor Shahin Sean Solimon & ‘Nebraska’ Composer Mark Orton

Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage Actor/Director, Shahin Sean Solimon stops by to chat about the bringing such an iconic character back to the big screen!

Shahin Sean Solimon was blessed to have been able to experience two separate cultures, and understand the beauty of both. He is of Persian heritage but was brought to the states (Tampa, Florida) at the tender age of 6 and raised by an adopted American family until the age 12.

His American father (George) a very intelligent family man who was also a well respected professor at USFL in the field of film/television taught him a great deal, not just in the arts but also about Western culture, hard work, life, etc. Eventually his biological mother (a well known Persian pop star “Fataneh”) was able to finally migrate to the US and leave the Iran revolution of 1978 and reunite with her son. The family eventually moved to Hollywood, California where his mother pursued her dream of a solo singing career, and eventually became one of the most popular solo pop singers of her generation.

Having this unique experience and view of the world only brought Shahin closer in realizing his dreams as a creative writer and performer himself. He eventually studied at HFI under Dove Simmons and eventually wrote, performed in, and produced the indie film “Djinn” as his first project.

He is now working on the classic tales of the Arabian Nights in “Sinbad The Fifth Voyage”, along with a few more slated for the next few years.

Mark Orton is a multi-instrumentalist, and co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Area based band, “Tin Hat”.

He has written scores for dozens of films, including “The Good Girl” starring Jennifer Aniston, and “360” starring Anthony Hopkins and Jude Law… His recent score to the Academy Award Nominated dramedy, “Nebraska” is a unique, and fresh blend of haunting bluegrass with a charming touch of country and folk.

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