‘Star Trek: TNG’ Star Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis joins Patrick to chat about her upcoming role as a newbie doctor in the medical comedy “Internity”.

The interstellar duo of Marina Sirtis, (Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Crash) best known for her role as Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation and it’s film franchise, and former co-star, Lt. Worf actor Michael Dorn, (Castle, Heroes, Ted 2) have embarked on a new mission with the comedy Internity. The cosmic pair plans to make Internity  the first actor-created, fan-funded television series pilot bought by a major network.

Internity follows a misfit team of newbie doctors navigating “intern hell,” led by Dr. Nate, a pop culture fanboy who’s obsessed with TV reruns and prone to dream sequences featuring actual cast members from his favorite old shows in guest appearances.

Sirtis stars as Dr. Camila Chivari, whom at age 50, isn’t the typical first year intern. After a messy divorce, Chivari returned to medical school to pursue her long-held ambition of becoming a doctor. Sirtis says, “I find the idea of starting over at fifty very compelling. It takes guts to embark on a totally new journey at an age most people are thinking about retirement. It’s rare to be offered such an exciting and rewarding role, so I don’t care how we fund it. I’m in!“

Dorn will direct the pilot and make a special appearance reprising his and Sirtis’ iconic sci-fi roles in a special flashback scene. “I’m always looking to break new ground. With this show, we can,” Dorn said. Internity also stars sitcom staples Richard Ruccolo (Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place, Rita Rocks, Legit) and Carla Jimenez,  (Last Man Standing, Raising Hope,Nacho Libre) with veteran actor Jim Beaver (Supernatural, Deadwood, the upcoming Crimson Peak) and Joey Adams (Bones, Body of Proof, Broadway).

Adams is writer-creator and will co-produce with Jerald Silverhardt (All The Right Moves, Marker, Fish Dont Blink). Additional casting by Christine Sheaks, C.S.A. (Boogie Nights, Scary Movie, Fargo) will be announced shortly. Silverhardt says,“Joey wrote a beautifully layered, funny show. It’s got comedy, it’s got drama and it’s different.”Internity - Cast Photo & Logo

Beaver says, “I like to work on good things, even if there aren’t millions or billions of dollars involved.  A really well-thought-out and exciting crowdfunded project is in some ways a greater draw than playing my 481st country sheriff.  That’s why I wanted to be part of Internity. It’s a terrific script, and terrific character, and it’s the kind of stuff I don’t always get to play.”

“Actors have been producing their work since the days of Charlie Chaplin,” Adams says. “But, actors taking that work directly to their audience to finance it? This is the future.”

To make history, the team must first raise at least $100,000 via crowdfunding platform www.indiegogo.com to fund their pilot.  “Crowdfunding, simply put, is investing in dreams,” Adams said. “Once people get to know us and see how much we all believe in this show; I think they’ll want to help us play doctors on TV.”

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