Emmy-Nominated Actress Kelsey Scott, “Fear The Walking Dead: Passage”

Patrick welcomes Emmy-nominated “Fear The Walking Dead: Passage” star Kelsey Scott and ‘Beatles’ historian/author Robert Rodriguez

About Kelsey Scott:

Best known for her role as Anne Northup in the OSCAR-winning “12 Years A Slave” and as Wes Gibbins’ mother, Rose, on “How to Get Away With Murder”, Scott began her career in the theatre scene of her hometown of Atlanta. She currently headlines the AMC TV web series, Fear the Walking Dead: Passage and appears as a recurring character on ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.

Fear the Walking Dead: Passage” is a post-apocalyptic horror drama television series set in Los Angeles and Mexico. The 16-episode program follows Sierra, a formidable survivor of an undead apocalypse, who takes an injured woman under her wing during her search for sanctuary. The show has been nominated for best drama or comedy series short form in the 2017 Emmy Awards. Additionally, Kelsey has been nominated for best actress in a short form for her role as Sierra.

Since her childhood debut on the stage, Kelsey’s credits have spanned a diverse range of projects. In a return to her Atlanta roots, Kelsey took to the stage in the World Premiere of Pearl Cleage’s “What I Learned in Paris” at the Alliance Theatre. Her theatre resume also showcases her work as a vocalist – with productions like “Once On This Island”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “The Wiz” and a touring company of “Dreamgirls”.

Out of the spotlight, she is an accomplished screenwriter – having penned the Sony Pictures thrillers “Motives” and “Motives 2”, starring Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill), Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds), and Sean Blakemore (General Hospital). Rainforest Films (“Think Like A Man”) also commissioned Kelsey to adapt the harrowing true story of former Hampton University student Kemba Smith, for the big screen.

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About Robert Rodriguez:

Pop culture historian Robert Rodriguez has written or contributed to nine books. 2012’s Revolver: How The Beatles Re-Imagined Rock ‘N’ Roll is his most highly-acclaimed yet. This book discusses the creation of (and reception accorded) the group’s seventh album, and how IT and not Sgt. Pepper represents their true artistic high-water mark.

Acquired wisdom has always put Sgt. Pepper at the head of the class, but it was Revolver that truly signaled The Beatles’ sea change from a functional band to a studio-based ensemble. These changes began before Rubber Soul but came to fruition on Revolver, which took an astonishing 300 hours to produce, far more than any rock record before it.

About The Book: Revolver How the Beatles Reimagined Rock’n’Roll

The making of Revolver hunkered down in Abbey Road with George Martin is in itself a great Beatles story, but would be nothing if the results weren’t so impactful. More than even Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds, Revolver fed directly into the rock ‘n’ roll zeitgeist, and its influence could be heard everywhere: from the psychedelic San Francisco sound (Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead); to the first wave of post-blues hard rock (Sabbath, Zeppelin); through movie soundtracks and pretty much everything that followed it including every generation of guitar-based pop music and even heavy metal.

More than any record before or after, Revolver was the game-changer, and this is, finally, the detailed telling of its storied recording and enormous impact.

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