Heinz Ketchup Uses Don Draper’s “Pass the Heinz” Campaign From ‘Mad Men’

“It’s clean, it’s simple… and it’s tantalizingly incomplete. What’s missing? One thing.” – Don Draper, “Mad Men”.

In life, there are unique moments where fiction becomes reality. This is one of those moments.

Fans of AMC’s hit series “Mad Men” may remember in season six when advertising executive Don Draper presented the “Pass the Heinz” campaign to Heinz executives, in which the fictional agency ‘Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’ omitted the ketchup bottle, showing food with text only.

This week, Adweek is reporting that the advertisements (which were rejected by fictional executives on the show) will launch the campaign in magazines, on billboards and as part of their social media, crediting ‘Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’ for the campaign.

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