Hymns For The Fallen – 10 Patriotic Film Themes

ABC News published an article recently that explored the possibility that many Americans have lost sight of what Memorial Day actually stands for. For some, it’s simply another day off from work, for others it’s a time for BBQ and the official kick-off of Summer.

Memorial Day is a day of reflection for those who have lost someone they love; A day to remember, honor and acknowledge the sacrifice of all of our fallen heroes.

Many of those stories have been portrayed on film with powerful and stirring soundtracks. Below is a collection of 10 film themes, as we reflect and never forget.

1. Saving Private Ryan: Hymn to the Fallen – John Williams – LISTEN

2. Glory: A Call to Arms – James Horner – LISTEN

3. The Pacific – Hans Zimmer – LISTEN

4. Gettysburg – Randy Edelman – LISTEN

5. Band of Brothers – Michael Kamen – LISTEN

6. Memphis Belle – George Fenton – LISTEN

7. Patton – Jerry Goldsmith – LISTEN

8. Born on the Fourth of July – John Williams – LISTEN

9. Pearl Harbor – Hans Zimmer – LISTEN

10. Platoon – Samuel Barber – LISTEN

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