It’s National Pickle Day! Celebrate With These ‘Pickles’ of Pop Culture!

In celebration of National Pickle Day, we decided to put together a few ‘pickle-tacular’ moments in pop culture that you will ‘relish’.

We’ll begin with The Andy Griffith Show episode “The Pickle Story” which was actually colorized and aired during the holidays of 2015 on CBS.
It’s hard to imagine, but in this episode of “Maury” the guests are actually scared of Pickles and Mustard!

In this episode of “Good Eats” you’ll learn more about pickles than you probably even want to!

Some people love pickles so much in fact, that they actually bathe in them! EWW!

How About Some “Kool” Ways To Enjoy Pickles?!

“Pickles The Pig” literally ‘pigged-out’ on ice-cream in this delightful video!

How are you celebrating National Pickle Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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