‘Naked And Afraid’ Survivalist Jake Nodar & Narrator Michael Brown

Patrick takes you behind the scenes of Discovery’s pop-culture phenomenon, Naked and Afraid.

In the show, one man and one woman – Are tasked with surviving in some of the world’s most extreme environments… with no food, water or clothes for 21 days. Jake Nodar, a survivalist featured on Season 5 (“Rise Above”) talks to Phillips about his challenges living several weeks in the Amazon Rain forest, breaking down stereotypes by being the first openly gay contestant, and provides answers to some of your most common questions about the show and its production. Voice artist Michael Brown’s booming narration helps provide valuable insight and information to viewers, often explaining the dangers faced by survivalists throughout their 21 day journey. Michael will discuss the process of working with producers to record, rewrite, and voice each thrilling episode of Naked and Afraid.

Jake Nodar, grew up in Baltimore City, spending most weekends hiking, camping, and fishing. In middle school, one of his classes was on shelter building, setting a foundation for a future of primitive camping. He says his mental strength is a result of coming out of the closet in a small town in western Colorado after a lifetime of growing up in a very religious environment. He says if you can do that, you can do anything.

For sixteen years Jake has trained horses professionally, which enables him to be out in nature every day. Once a year he tries to go on an adventure, both to keep life interesting, but also to push himself outside of his comfort zone. Some of his adventures include bicycling by himself from St. Augustine, FL, to Santa Monica, CA, spending weeks in Kenya in a Masai village, backpacking around the Canadian Rockies, and spending a month living off the land in the interior of Alaska, which was both a huge physical and mental challenge. Despite this, he says it was the adventure of a lifetime, and he would do it again in a heartbeat. Jake is not one to shy away from an adrenaline rush. He has competed in bull riding, steer wrestling, and full contact jousting. He’s been shark diving, swimming with crocodiles, caving, rappelling, and cliff diving among other activities. When not working with horses, Jake enjoys playing the guitar, long walks on the beach, and wildlife photography. Between working around a farm and going to the gym several times a week, Jake tends to keep in good physical condition. Jake cannot wait for his next adventure, and looks forward to being pushed to his physical and mental limits on Naked And Afraid. The idea of being able to live off the land with not even a shirt on his back, is something that he eagerly awaits.

Veteran voice artist Michael Brown has spent more than forty years behind the microphone. His familiar voice can be heard in hit televisions shows like Animal Planet’s Rugged Justice, The Walking Dead, COMET TV NETWORK, and Discovery Channel’s Naked And Afraid. 

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