Life Lessons From ‘The Twilight Zone’ With Author Mark Dawidziak & ‘CineConcerts’ Conductor Justin Freer

Mark Dawidziak 

Can you live your life by what The Twilight Zone has to teach you? Yes, and maybe you should. The proof is in this lighthearted collection of life lessons, ground rules, inspirational thoughts, and stirring reminders found in Rod Serling’s timeless fantasy series.

Written by veteran TV critic, Mark Dawidziak, this unauthorized tribute is a celebration of the classic anthology show, but also, on another level, a kind of fifth-dimension self-help book, with each lesson supported by the morality tales told by Serling and his writers. Mark Dawidziak has been a theater, film and television critic for more than thirty-five years. A member of the editorial board of Rod Serling Books, he penned the foreword to the 2015 reissue of Rod Serling’s first book, Patterns. He has edited three collections of works by Twilight Zone contributor Richard Matheson. Learn More About “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone: A Fifth-Dimension Guide to Life”

Justin Freer

American composer/conductor Justin Freer (principal conductor/producer) has established himself as one of the West Coast’s most exciting musical voices and has quickly become a highly sought-after conductor and producer of film music concerts around the world.

He has served as composer for several independent films and has written motion picture advertising music for some of 20th Century Fox Studios’ biggest campaigns including Avatar, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Dragonball Evolution and Aliens in the Attic. As a conductor Freer has appeared with some of the most well known orchestras in the world including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, St. Louis Symphony and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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