‘Paul Lynde: A Biography’ Author Cathy Rudolph

Cathy Rudolph, who dreamed of being an author and meeting her idol, was 17 when a miracle happened. She was doing research on her favorite celebrity, Paul Lynde (best known for his outrageous jokes on Hollywood Squares & Uncle Arthur from Bewitched) in the Levittown Public Library and in a book had a phone number that said it was Paul Lynde’s business phone number.

She went home and dialed and Paul Lynde himself answered-it was his HOME number! She convinced him to meet her in New York and there was an instant bond between them.

She was his friend till he died and now has written her adventures with Paul along with his life story. Both her dreams came true.

Cathy was featured on the front cover of Newsday’s Act 2 in January and then she debuted at the famous Book Revue in Huntington,New York where she talked about her relationship with Paul and her interviews with his relatives, friends, and co-stars including Cloris Leachman, Betty White, Chita Rivera,and Florence Henderson. Peter Marshall, host of the original Hollywood Squares read the book and gave her a wonderful foreword.

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