‘Star Trek’ Actor Walter Koenig

Actor Walter Koenig Talks 50 Years Of Star Trek
“Monumental in terms of television and film history.”

Join Patrick Phillips Thursday, May 19th as he warps into the ‘final frontier’ for a special one-on-one interview with Star Trek’s very own Walter Koenig, known for his role as Pavel Chekov on the classic television series.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s legendary creation and in this exclusive radio interview, Koenig recalls his audition, fondest memories working on the series, downplays rumors of a possible “Chekov” retirement, and discusses whether or not he might return in some form on the new CBS All Access Star Trek series premiering in 2017.

Walter stars in Unbelievable: The Movie, a Sci-Fi parody adventure written and directed by Steven L. Fawcette, set to premiere this fall, starring 40 actors from all generations of Star Trek!

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