‘MadTV’ Actor Piotr Michael & ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Actor Jason Matthew Smith

Piotr Michael is an actor and comedian based in Los Angeles.

He is best known as an impressionist and gained worldwide attention from Youtube, showcasing his chameleon-like ability to mimic and create original characters. Piotr’s most recent work was a supporting role in the comedy series, “Impress Me” on POP, where he played a fictionalized version of himself.

On SIRIUS XM Radio, he can currently be heard as the voice of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Michael Caine, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other celebrities and characters on the infamous Howard Stern Show. Also recently, Piotr channelled Hell’s demons to voice Demonic texts in DOOM (2016), and played a good bad guy character, “Major Threat” on Disney XD’s “Wonder Over Yonder.” This month (July 2016), Piotr joins the cast of MADtv which was recently revived by the CW as a prime-time series.

Piotr’s talents have been utilized by many studios and entertainment groups including Walt Disney Studios, Comedy Central, TBS, FOX, Cartoon Network, BBC Radio 1, Blizzard Entertainment, THQ, Square Enix, Defy Media, Machinima, Mondo Media and Maker Studios. Behind the scenes of Hollywood movie making, Piotr is often called upon to voice-match actors and celebrities for marketing, trailers and dubbing.

Jason Matthew Smith

Jason Matthew Smith stars in the latest installation of the Star Trek extravaganza: Star Trek Beyond once again reprising his role as Lt. Hendroff also known as “Cupcake,” Smith has also starred in the first two movies of the franchise, Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness

Over the past several years, Jason has made a name for himself guest starring and starring in roles for highly acclaimed films and television series. One of his most notable breakout performances was in the AFI Awarding winning series Playmakers for ESPN. 

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