Rebel Force Radio Host Jimmy Mac Discusses Carrie Fisher & Cinematographer Todd McMullen Talks ‘Santa Clarita Diet’


Amazon Echo Device Shopping Spree

A handful of Amazon Echo owners are complaining after the voice activated devices went on a shopping spree after a news program triggered the systems to make erroneous purchases.

A morning news segment about a girl in Texas who ordered a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies through the gadget — reportedly woke Alexa after hearing its name and the words “ordered” and “dollhouse”

David Blaine shoots himself in the throat

David Blaine, known for his death defying stunts is lucky to be alive after a magic trick went horribly wrong. The magician revealed this week that he thought he was dead after the bullet struck his throat, instead of the metal cup in his mouth.

Netflix Releases an original game

An 8-but ‘Netflix Original Game’ (Netflix Infinite Runner) launched last week, featuring several of the streaming giant’s original characters. You can choose to play as Pablo Escobar from ‘Narcos’, Marco Polo, Piper Chapman from ‘Orange is the New Black’ or Mike Wheeler from ‘Stranger Things’.



Jimmy “Mac” McInerney is an award-winning Chicago area radio professional and freelance audio producer. Jimmy has worked with the best of the best in the talk radio industry serving as producer for shows hosted by some of the elite in the biz.

A lifelong Star Wars enthusiast and collector from the “original generation” of fans, he first fell in love with the galaxy far, far away in a dark movie theater back in 1977 and hasn’t looked back since. Professionally, Jimmy became known for infusing his passion for Star Wars into his work as he covered the releases of the Star Wars: Special Editions and Prequel Trilogy of films as a member of the Chicago media. From there, he segued into the field of website reporting, internet radio and podcasting, culminating with the creation of the award-winning Rebel Force Radio (RFR) with co-host Jason Swank.

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Todd McMullen is a Cinematographer who started his career in Hollywood working on films including Casino, The Green Mile andNurse Betty. As Cinematographer, Todd has applied his distinctive look to acclaimed TV projects such as Friday Night Lights, HBO’s The Newsroom and The Leftovers as well as pilots for Quantico and 12 Monkeys. Most recently, Todd completed the feature film Walking Outand lensed the Netflix Original Series Santa Clarita Diet. Always forward thinking and in search of engaging projects, Todd recently shot and directed an episode of Rooster Teeth’s web series Day 5 which won a Streamy Award.

Todd lives in Austin, Texas where he is part of the film scene and is continually searching for interesting and daring projects to photograph.

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